Reduced Mobility

SAA has established quality standards in order to regulate assistance provided to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility.  These standards were set in consultation with airlines and their agents as well as organisations representing persons with reduced mobility.  

A Disability Users Group has been formed, comprising representatives from a broad range of organisations catering for individuals with specific disabilities. Our goal in establishing this group is to ensure that any decisions relating to future developments are fully communicated to those people or groups with special needs.

ICTS Ltd provides PRM services at Shannon Airport on behalf of the SAA towards compliance with the implementation of EC Regulation 1107/2006 (Rights of Disabled Persons and Persons with Reduced Mobility when Travelling by Air).

ICTS Ltd has responsibility for all PRM requests for assistance and the efficient distribution/rotation of wheelchairs throughout the airport. Passengers should make arrangements for PRM assistance directly with their airline, however non pre-booked assistance can also be requested from ICTS at the airport on the day of travel.

The service is available daily between 05:00 and midnight and shall be extended for situations such as delayed / diverted flights outside of normal hours of operation. On arrival at the airport ICTS can be contacted for PRM assistance from any of the contact points in the short term car park or long term car parks 1, 2 or 3. 

ICTS provides the service from the PRM reception desk in the Departures/Check-in area and all passengers wishing to avail of the service should register at the ICTS PRM reception desk (See image below) on arrival at the Airport (before proceeding towards security screen/departure gates).

Shannon Airport for its part is committed to making ongoing physical improvements throughout its facilities to further improve and enhance the travel experience for PRM’s. The Shannon Airport access officer can be contacted by email

Contact numbers for ICTS are as follows:

PRM Reception Desk in Departures/Check-in: +353 (0)61 712074   
Airport Services Manager: +353 (0)87 7539761

Parking Your Car

Passenger with reduced mobility who are dropping off or picking up can avail of up one hour free parking. To avail of this please present your entry ticket and Blue Badge at the Car Park Customer Service office.

Passengers who require PRM assistance from the car park can contact ICTS from any of the contact points in the car parks listed above.

Facilities for set down and pick-up are available for people with reduced mobility in the Short Term Car Park.


There are toilet facilities throughout the Airport building for people with reduced mobility. All facilities are clearly indicated by directional and overhead signage.


There are a number of lifts and escalators located in the terminal building. Clear directional signage points the way to each. Most lifts have directional inbuilt voiceovers and braille control buttons.

Telephone & Snack Vending Machine Facilities

Low-level coin, credit card telephones and snack vending machines are located throughout the Terminal Building to facilitate passengers in wheelchairs.

Facilities for Partially Sighted

Guide dogs and hearing dogs are the only dogs permitted in the terminal building.
The airport directional and information signage is clearly placed, well lit and uses optimum colour contrast to ensure everyone can read them correctly.

Security Check

All passengers must pass through the security check before reaching the departures lounge. Such a search may be carried out by hand or by using hand-held detectors. If required, a private search area away from the main area can be provided.

Wheelchair Rental

Shannon Airport has wheelchairs available free of charge for use within the airport. Should you wish to rent a wheelchair for use during your stay in Ireland please contact:

The Irish Wheelchair Association
Unit 10
Docklands Business Park
Dock Road

Tel: +353 (0)61 313691