Media Guidelines

Authorisation must be received from the Airport Authority before filming, photography or radio interviews can take place on airport property.

Applications should be made directly to:

Nandi O'Sullivan -Head of Communications
T: +353 61 712890 / 086 2371510

Filming / Photography

Security procedures cannot be filmed or photographed.

Customers and staff may not be photographed, filmed or interviewed without the consent of the Airport Authority.

If filming of a particular airline, tour operator or company is required, then permission must be sought directly from that company in advance.

Commercial Filming / Photography

A minimum of seven days notice is required for commercial filming at the airport and will be subject to approval by the Airport Authority.

Any organisation undertaking commercial filming at Shannon Airport must provide the Airport Authority with a copy of their public liability insurance certificate.

Radio / TV

All media organisations must seek specific permission before using satellite vans to broadcast live from Shannon Airport.

Airside Access

Airside refers to all areas of the terminal that lie beyond security search, including the travel value and duty free shops, departure lounge, boarding gates, customs hall, aircraft ramp, taxiways and runways.

In order to gain airside access, permission must be sought at least 24hrs in advance and requests must be accompanied by the names, addresses and company details of all individuals who wish to enter the restricted area.

Film crews are also required to produce either a current driving license or a current passport in order to progress through security screening on the day of filming.

A member of Airport Authority staff will accompany media representatives at all times while airside.